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Game accessibility: games for everyone (for real)

How companies are facing the challenge of making their games more inclusive and how these players see these changes

Special – Accessibility in games: games for everyone for real (Image: Henrique Pochmann / Tecnoblog)

Most of the time, playing something is simple: turn on the console or PC, choose the game, take the controller (or keyboard and mouse) and get started. However, for players with disabilities some adaptations are necessary, in accessories and / or within the game, to also allow these people to have fun. And that is where the importance of accessibility in games comes in.

But what is accessibility? According to the Michaelis dictionary, accessibility means “ease of access; quality of what is accessible ”. Or also “ease of approach, procedure or obtaining”. In other words, accessibility is also about developing means that allow the inclusion of an individual in various activities, regardless of their disability.

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