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Gboard prepares arrival of Android 12 dynamic theme; see how it turned out

Yesterday (9), Android 12 Beta 2 was released to registered users in early access and, with it, finally presented the long-awaited dynamic theme of Material You. However, the feature still does not work in its entirety and, even if it applies new colors to the quick settings buttons and the lock screen, it’s still unable to change the look of native apps — but that condition shouldn’t last long.

Once again, 9to5Google has broken down one of the apps — this time, Gboard — to find clues about what’s to come. Google’s virtual keyboard, while not yet impacted by wallpaper color extraction, would have the feature almost ready in its code and could be released soon.

According to the investigation, the customization of Gboard would not be very different from what currently exists, but the whole process would happen automatically and, of course, would standardize the palette with the chosen wallpaper. Manual choice of keyboard colors and wallpaper should still exist in the updated app.

When enabled, color extraction will mainly impact the colors of the main buttons (Shift, Numeric Keypad, Backspace and Enter, for example). The keyboard background adopts a whitish hue of the predominant color — nothing too strong to hinder typing.

The dark theme, in turn, would work in a similar way, but with the palette adapted in shades of black. The keys, when surrounded by balloons, are lighter in tone than the app’s background in both scenarios. It’s also worth mentioning that the shape of the keys is slightly different, but everything remains in the positions they’ve always been.

Being in development, the Gboard may still undergo changes until release. This version found by programmers may be just one of the versions studied by the company or, who knows, the one that will give a new look to the keyboard in future updates. It is not known, however, when the application will receive the dynamic theme.

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