Genshin Impact: All About the Flying Ephemeral Colors event


The current event Genshin Impact, Flying Ephemeral Colors, marks the return of the Liyue Lantern Festival and brings with it new challenges to complete and rewards to earn. If you are a miHoYo Action RPG player and you are interested in the event, here are the main details you need to know about the occasion.

How to participate in the Flying Ephemeral Colors event

To release access to the event of Genshin Impactthe player must have adventure rank level 28 or higher and have completed the Archon Chapter I – Act III “A New Star on the Rise” and Archon Interlude Chapter – Act I “The Crane Returns to the Wind” quests.

It is also necessary to complete the Rise of the Jade Chamber quests to have the Festival active. After placing the Chamber in the sky, all three challenges will be available. Each of them will offer one of the necessary exchange coins for the Event Store and to obtain items available in the rewards part.

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What’s in each stage of the event

The main event is divided into four parts: Scorching Starflowers, The Great Gathering, Wondrous Shadows, and Ocean Defender. Each of them has different gameplay and is part of the return of the Lantern Festival.

The first stage, Scorching Starflowers, has the Traveler produce a series of fireworks, using the “Little Barrel of Fireworks” item to produce their own fireworks. After completing the challenge and getting the most varied types of fireworks, the player can use the item to set fireworks for Liyue and celebrate the festival. In the Event Shop, you can exchange Talismans of Affluence for Essential Gems, Hero XP, Mystic Refinement Ore, and Character Elevation Materials.

In The Great Gathering, you must go to the Stone Forest of Guyun and use the Breakwater, the game’s ship, and defeat enemies in the seas and camps to recover the lost treasures of the ancient Jade Chamber. New anchor points will be available in the region to be unlocked during the challenge. Travelers must use the “Suppression Firecracker” item to defeat Elite Treasure Thieves, who can increase the strength of their companions during challenges. In the Event Shop, Immaculate Talismans can be exchanged for special Lantern Festival decoration blueprints.

Marvelous Shadows, on the other hand, consists of putting together pieces of the Shadow Lantern, making the combinations between light and shadow form a complete picture of the puzzle. After completing the challenge, players will receive Talismans of Affluence, Gems, Hero XP, and Mora. In the Event Shop, you can exchange Talismans for any of the items from the Illuminated Market Phase I, similar to the Scorching Starflowers event.

In Ocean Defender, players must fight a terrible lurking monster that threatens to destroy the happiness of Liyue’s residents. Use Talismans of Achievement in the Stage 3 Event Shop to get the Crown of Wisdom, Talent Upgrade Materials, and more.

Event brings 4-star skin and character as rewards

In addition to items, players will also be able to use Talismans to get a 4-Star Liyue character during the event. The available warriors are: Xiangling, Beidou, Xinqiu, Ningguang, Chongyun, Xinyan, Yun Jin and Yanfei. You can only acquire one character during the event. And it’s worth noting that Yun Jin recently arrived in the game, so this is a good opportunity for those who couldn’t get it on the banner.

A new skin for Ningguang can be unlocked after obtaining 2,400 Talismans of Affluence, 2,200 Immaculate Talismans, and 1,800 Talismans of Conquest. After obtaining this amount of necessary items, the player will be able to unlock the character’s skin, called Orchid Evening Dress. But in case you can’t complete the event, the skin will be available for purchase at the end of version 2.4 for 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

When does the Flying Ephemeral Colors event end?

The event debuted in Genshin Impact last Tuesday, January 25, and will be available until the early hours of February 12, at 3:59 am.

Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS and PC devices. A Nintendo Switch version is still in development.

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