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Google Chat gains feature to migrate Hangouts users

Google has provided more details on switching conversations from Hangouts to Google Chat. As of Thursday (3), the company will make changes to the Workspace (formerly G Suite), where Chat will show group conversations from the old service and gain the option to add and remove people to groups.

The changes are part of the Hangouts update to Chat, scheduled to take place in the first half of 2021. Google says that, to ensure a smooth transition, it will offer ways to migrate conversations and other information in the users’ history.

The integration between the group conversations of the two services was announced for this Thursday, but, according to Google itself, they will appear in the coming weeks. In a first step, the company must migrate the groups. Then, it will be the turn of the message history of the participants of the conversations.

In communication, Google also said that Chat will have an option to add or remove people from a group. The new member will be able to see all messages, including those sent before their inclusion. To add someone to a group created before December 3, you will need to create an “updated group conversation”, that is, a new conversation with the same members, but with the new feature.

Google Chat will have the option to add people to an existing group (Image: Disclosure / Google)

In addition, Chat conversations that have been updated, have only two people, or do not have threads will be visible in Hangouts for Workspace users who still access the old service.

Hangouts also takes users to Meet

Hangouts conversations will move to Chat, but voice and video calls will go to Meet. A few days ago, Google discontinued Hangouts group calling. As of version 36.0 of the service for Android and iOS, anyone who tries to initiate a call within a group conversation, receives a link to Meet.

On the conversations page, the platform recalls that “Hangouts video calls now use Meet” and points out that the new service has features like instant captions and screen sharing. It is still possible to make video calls between two people, but in this case, Google also highlights the option to chat through Meet.

With information: Android Police.

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