Google Drive will make it easier to control files using tags


Google Drive will have a new feature that will help users categorize and organize content more easily through Google Admin. The new role will allow administrators to classify files hosted on their organization’s domain with custom tags.

The idea behind the update is to ensure companies can manage content more effectively, as well as protect documents from misuse or accidental alteration, with tag-based sharing restrictions.

In addition, a new feature brings the ability to configure rules based on data leakage prevention (DLP) that automatically assign labels to files, without the company relying on human interference. This factor can reduce the administrative burden and potential errors associated with manual labels.

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DLP rules can also be configured so that they show a warning to users every time they try to share a file labeled “internal”, for example.

Another detail is that they can be adjusted so that they block external sharing, downloading and printing of all “confidential” files.

To use the tool, the user must enable Drive bookmarks for their company and have published at least one tag in the bookmark manager, as the function is disabled by default. The new functionality allows documents to be simultaneously classified with up to five labels.

The new Google Drive feature was already available for beta testing late last year, but it was only released to the public recently. The role will be available to Google Workspace customers, except for Business Starter, Education Fundamentals and Frontline users, as well as G-Suite Basic and Business.

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