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Google unveils a new design for its mobile search

The search engine interface has been redesigned to help users find what they’re looking for faster.

Google has just unveiled what the new interface of its mobile search engine will look like. As the firm explains on its blog, rethinking the design of the display of Google Search results has not been easy.

The designers have redesigned the interface to keep the user focused on the information they are looking for.

For this, they therefore decided to display the text on a larger width and to give it a little more consistency by accentuating its thickness a little, in order to allow the human eye to ” scan and understand the results faster “. Search results now adopt an edge-to-edge design, use fewer shadows, and rely on the use of color to highlight the most important elements.

With this new interface, the designers hope to give the search engine a more “Googley” look, with more curves, particularly on the icons and images displayed in the results. The deployment of this new interface has just started and should be available to all users in the coming days.

Source: Google

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