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How about shopping on YouTube?

Google is testing the sale of products through links embedded in some YouTube videos. A 2.0 version of the good old tele-shopping, in a way.

Google wants to test a new sales channel, namely its YouTube videos. According to Engadget, the web giant wants to offer certain creators to include product purchase links in their videos. If the user clicks on it, he can directly put the product in a basket and proceed to checkout, without having to exit YouTube. However, this feature will initially only be available to users in the United States.

If this new business tactic is confirmed, it can be assumed that it will be rolled out everywhere. A priori, it is not the opportunities that will be missing. YouTube is full of videos that talk about a particular product or business. Placing a purchase link in such a context would therefore be quite easy. And for creators, it could be a new way to make their work profitable.

Google is not alone in exploring this path. Facebook also wants to transform its social networks into e-commerce platforms. In 2020, the company launched Facebook Shops, which allows you to create a store on Facebook or Instagram. A buy button can also appear on WhatsApp, when chatting with a business or professional service.

Source : Engadget

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