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How to access the transcript of videos on YouTube

The YouTube (Android | iOS | Web) is one of the most popular platforms in the world and offers a number of features to its users. One of them is the transcription of videos, which displays excerpts from specific speeches along with their minutes.

This feature is quite interesting, as it allows you to quickly search for subjects within the video and access the exact point at which it is quoted quickly and conveniently. Below, you can check the step by step to access and use this feature on the PC!

How to access the transcript of videos on YouTube

Step 1: access YouTube through a web browser and open the video whose transcript you want to access. Then click on the “Three dots” icon below it.

Step 2: in the open menu then, select the item “Open transcript”.

Step 3: a tab with the transcription of speeches and their respective minutes will be displayed next to the video.

Step 4: through this tab, it is possible to find excerpts that are of interest to you. If you click on one of these sections, you will be directed to exactly this moment in the video.

Step 5: If you no longer want to use the video transcript tab, click on the “X” icon.

Ready! You can now access the video transcription tab on YouTube.

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