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How to activate Reading Mode on Android phones

With the pandemic, we spend more and more time reading on screens, whether on the computer or on cell phones. But, reading, for example, before going to sleep, can disturb your sleep.

In addition, using a more comfortable light, visually causes less fatigue for the eyes and reduces the impacts on the quality of your sleep. Check out how to activate reading mode on your Android phone.

How to activate Reading Mode on your Android phone

Step 1: access your device’s “Settings”.

Step 2: select the “Screen” option to proceed. On Huawei mobile phones, choose, “Display settings”.

Step 3: enter “Reading Mode” to continue; depending on the device, this option will be called “Screen color mode”, “Eye comfort”, “Comfortable viewing” or “Night mode”.

Step 4: slide the button next to “Reading Mode” to activate the functionality immediately.

Step 5: if desired, it is possible to program by activating the button next to “Program” and, select below what are the times when the resource will be automatically turned on and off.

Ready! Take advantage of the tip to enable reading mode on your cell phone to make your view more comfortable with the screen light.

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