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How to change the primary email address for your Microsoft account

You can change your primary email to access your Microsoft account. It is possible to make the change directly through the account settings, used to access services such as Microsoft Office 365, Skype, Windows 10 and Xbox Live.

Microsoft allows you to add up to 10 email addresses or cell phone numbers to access your account, known as aliases. Even with different addresses, the same password is linked and required to log into your Microsoft account. The primary address is the one displayed to email recipients and displayed on Windows 10 devices. Check out the step by step to make this change from your computer.

How to change the primary email address in your Microsoft account

Step 1: access account.microsoft.com and log in to your account;

Step 2: then select the “Your information” tab;

Step 3: on the profile information screen, click on “Edit account information”;

Step 4: then, validate your identity again when you receive a code via email or cell phone;

Step 5: on the aliases configuration screen, click on “Add email”;

Step 6: choose between using an existing email or creating an address with the outlook.com domain;

Step 7: after entering the new email, return to the configuration screen and click on “Make primary”.

Ready! The primary address will be changed.

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