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How to create alarms on your Mac

MacOS provides, through the Calendar app, an alternative to create alarms for your daily tasks and activities. It is a function little known to Mac users – who use the application more to control larger events, such as work meetings or trips with the family – and it is very simple to be activated for any alarms you may need in your routine.

In recurring situations – such as announcing your lunch break or paying a monthly bill – or for one-off tasks – such as taking your clothes to the laundry or transferring a sum of money to someone – you can use the alarms on your calendar. machine to help you not forget anything important.

As it is an alert banner with sound, the alarm will not disappear from your computer screen until you click on it, either to postpone it for later or to close it, if you have already done the task in question.

Understand how to create an alarm on your Mac:

Step 1: open your Mac’s Calendar app.

Step 2: click on the vacant time you want to insert the new alarm. In the event window, enter the name of the alarm.

Step 3: set the alert time to the exact minute you want the alarm to sound on your Mac. Then click on “alert” – which, by default, will be “1h before”. Click on it to change it.

Step 4: in the options window that will open, click on “Customize …”.

Step 5: select “Message with sound”, set it to ring at the time of the event and click OK.

Step 6: with the alarm set, a notification banner will sound at the scheduled time and will remain on the top right of your Mac.

Step 7: when you hover your cursor over it, you will see “Options” in the bottom right corner of the banner. When you click, you will have some options to postpone the alarm.

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