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How to customize the Google search widget on Android

By default, some Android phones have the Google search bar widget on their home screen. This is one of the most popular widgets on the company’s operating system, but did you know that it is possible to customize its appearance?

Through the “More” tab, users can customize the search engine icon, the format, its background color and even the transparency of the app. This procedure is very quick and practical, check out the step by step below!

How to customize the Google search widget on Android

Step 1: on your phone’s home screen, tap on the widget or on the Google app.

Step 2: with Google open, access the “More” tab in the bottom menu.

Step 3: click on the item “Customize widget”.

Important: If this option is not available, add the Google widget to your phone’s home screen.

Step 4: once this is done, use the four options in the bottom menu to customize the widget.

Step 5: First, select the Google logo style.

Step 6: then select the format of the widget.

Step 7: Select one of the standard Google colors, with light or dark themes, or adjust another color for the bar.

Step 8: finally, adjust the transparency of the widget bar.

Step 9: After completing the adjustments, click “Done” in the upper right corner. If you want to set everything up again, click on “Reset to default style”.

Step 10: if you want to remove the widget from your phone’s home screen, press your finger on it a few moments and drag it to the “Remove” item.

Ready! You can now customize the Google search widget on your Android phone.

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