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How to Hide the Notification Counter on iPhone Icons

Whether it’s email alerts piling up in your inbox or alerts from some random app you don’t open often, the count of bundled messages and notifications piling up on iPhone app icons can end up bothering a lot of people.

A good alternative for this is to hide the icon notification counter of certain apps you want. This way, hiding only the counter, you continue receiving all Push notifications normally on your device, without giving up the alerts, but also without having to face that little red number that takes the peace of many iOS users.

Here’s how to hide the notification counter on your iPhone app icons:

Step 1: open your iPhone’s Settings, and enter “Notifications”.

Step 2: in the list of apps, look for the app you want to hide the icon’s notification counter and click on it.

Step 3: In the notification settings screen, disable the “Notices” option – this is the app icon notification counter.

Step 4: go back to your Home Screen and note that the notifications counter no longer appears on this app’s icon – don’t worry, you’ll still get push notifications from this app normally on your device.

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