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How to measure distance on Google Maps

Google Maps (Android l iOS l Web) allows users to find the distance between two points on the map. With this, it is possible to identify how many kilometers separate two different cities, for example.

The tool is available both in the app and in the web version. Users of Google Maps Lite, however, cannot access it — under the premise of being lighter, the app does not require a lot of resources. To get started, then go to one of the versions that support the function.

Google Maps: How to measure the distance between two places

Select starting point on Google Maps

Search for a location and click on it on the map until the red pin appears. To activate the distance measurement feature, you need to press a longer tap. Then drag up the data tab at the bottom of the screen. Once that’s done, select the resource.

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Add new locations to measure distance

Drag the target symbol to a second location on the map (if you prefer, use the search engine to find it). The distance between the two points will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. To add more locations, just click the “+” button and Google Maps will update the total distance.

If you want to use the function from your computer, just search for a location on Google Maps and click on it with the right mouse button. In the window that will appear, click on the “Measure distance” command. Then, just tap, now with the left mouse button, on another point on the map.

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