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How to put a signature on Mail on Mac

The Mail app on macOS is ideal for viewing and replying to your emails without having to enter your browser. In addition to this practicality, Mail also has interesting functions, such as the inclusion of an automatic signature for your written, answered and forwarded emails.

When dealing with many emails in your routine – whether for work or in your personal life – it helps to have your signature automatically inserted when sending and responding to items in your inbox.

And not only one: if you are interested, you can create several personalized signatures – one to answer work questions, for example, another more informal, as you see fit – and to manage in a simple and fast way which one you want to use on the spot to write a new email or reply to someone.

Understand how to place one or more signatures through the Mac Mail application and manage them when sending a new email:

Step 1: with Mail open, enter your preferences. In the left corner of the screen, click Mail> Preferences.

Step 2: in the left area of ​​the window, select iCloud. Then, in the bottom area, click on the “+” icon to add a new signature.

Step 3: enter your new signature in the larger field of the window.

Step 4: in the middle area, you can edit the name of your new subscription.

Step 5: before you finish, go to the options in the bottom area of ​​the window. Click to choose your new subscription as the default.

Step 6: select your new subscription.

Step 7: click to compose a new email. You will notice that your new signature will already appear in the body of the email. On the sender’s line, after your name and e-mail information, you will find the signature field. If you have more than one subscription and want to exchange, click on “Subscription”.

Step 8: choose which one of your signatures you want to use, or if you prefer to continue with no signature for this email.

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