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How to see and use TikTok’s secret emojis

TikTok (Android | iOS | Web) is one of the most popular short video apps today. Like other social networks, it is possible to interact in the app through emojis to demonstrate what you are feeling in a comment and caption or what you think of a content.

But in addition to the traditional smiley faces, TikTok has a set of secret emojis, which works on both Android and iOS, with a unique design for the application, being divided into two groups: one with colorful faces and the other with marshmallows.

Unfortunately, they can only be used by typing commands, in English, within square brackets. Check below the complete list of codes of emojis hidden in TikTok and their meaning:

Commands for using secret TikTok emojis

  • [smile]: Smiling
  • [happy] Happy
  • [angry] Irritated
  • [cry] Crying
  • [embarrassed] Embarrassed
  • [surprised] Surprise
  • [wronged] Wronged
  • [shout] Screaming angry
  • [flushed] Flushed
  • [yummy] Emoji with appetite
  • [complacent] Compliant emoji † dollar signs
  • [drool] Drooling Emoji
  • [scream] Creeped out
  • [weep] Crying
  • [speechless] Displeased
  • [funnyface] Emoji with tongue out
  • [laughwithtears] Crying laughing
  • [wicked] Evil emoji
  • [facewithrollingeyes] Rolling the eyes
  • [sulk] Bad mood emoji
  • [thinking] Thoughtful
  • [lovely] Emoji sending kiss
  • [greedy] Ambitious, with dollar signs in his eyes
  • [wow] Astonished
  • [joyfull] happy
  • [hehe] Emoji with ulterior motives
  • [slap] Emoji with slap mark on face
  • [tears] Crying
  • [stun] Stunned
  • [cute] “Cute” emoji
  • [blink] Winking heart
  • [disdain] Disdaining
  • [astonish] Astonished
  • [rage] Furious
  • [cool] Black glasses emoji
  • [excited] Cheered up
  • [proud] Proud
  • [smileface] Smiling
  • [evil] Gloomy Emoji
  • [angel] Angel
  • [laugh] Crying laughing
  • [pride] Proud
  • [nap] Sleeping emoji
  • [loveface] Emoji with heart eyes
  • [awkward] Embarrassed
  • [shock] Astonished

Did you already know this emojis? If not, how about using it in your next TikTok videos?

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