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How to send messages that self-destruct in Messenger

Facebook Messenger (Android | iOS) and Instagram have conversation modes with messages that self-destruct after a period. For Messenger, this is called “Secret Chat”, while being named “Temporary Mode” on Instagram Direct.

In Messenger, the user can activate the feature in a conversation between two people and send messages that disappear after a while using end-to-end encryption. It is possible to set a timer for the message content to be removed, which varies from 5 seconds to one day. See step by step to send messages that self-destruct.

Messenger: how to send messages that self-destruct

Step 1: open a conversation in Messenger and press the icon with the letter “I”, located in the upper right corner of the screen;

Step 2: then tap “Go to a secret conversation”;

Step 3: the app will create a secret chat window. Touch the clock icon to determine the message timer;

Step 4: scroll the screen to select the period in which the message can be viewed after sending;

Step 5: after the sending time, the message content is removed from the conversation.

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