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How to set up WhatsApp notifications on iPhone

WhatsApp push notifications are part of the daily lives of many iPhone users. They exist so that it is not necessary to be with the screen on the application all the time waiting for that person’s response or to follow the latest group discussions.

However, receiving thousands of WhatsApp alerts all day can make the benefit a real nuisance. If you need to adjust the way you receive notifications from the messenger, the best way to resolve this situation is to manage them to fit your preferences and improve the user experience.

Available options include silencing conversations from people and groups, customizing the way WhatsApp delivers notifications, and even modifying the parameters that iOS displays alerts on your smartphone.

In this article, we separate the possibilities for managing WhatsApp notifications on the iPhone.

Managing WhatsApp notifications on iPhone

On WhatsApp

Selecting each conversation on WhatsApp and silencing it is a common and routine practice. However, what many people do not know is that the application also provides personalized options to facilitate the adjustment of visual and audible notifications of people and groups.

So in many cases, you don’t have to select each conversation that you don’t want to receive notification from, nor go directly to iOS settings.

To do this, open the app and tap on the “Settings”> “Notifications” tab.

Check out our caption below for notification settings:

  • “Message notifications”: keep activated to be notified of messages sent by people and what kind of sound you want to hear.
  • “Group notifications”: keep it activated to be notified of messages sent by groups and what kind of sound you want to hear.
  • “Notifications in the application”: in this option, you can change the format of the alert, or disable it, as well as sound and vibrate the iPhone.
  • “Show in preview”: Read the message in the notification before opening the conversation on WhatsApp.
  • “Reset notification settings”: Return to the default notification settings for the app.

On iOS

The iPhone system features three different types of notifications for you to manage according to your preference:

  • “Banner Alerts”: displays banner notifications on the locked screen, Notification Center and pop-up with the screen on.
  • “Sounds”: sound audible alert to notify you of new notifications.
  • “Warnings”: Displays a red warning icon in the app.

To do this, just go to the app Settings> “Notifications”> “WhatsApp” and modify the default settings that the system sets when accepting the display of messenger alerts. To disable them, just tap the selector next to “Allow Notifications”.

Simple, isn’t it? So you can choose the best way that WhastApp and iOS deliver notifications of conversations with friends and groups on the iPhone.

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