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How to take a picture of someone who moves your hidden cell phone

Do you suspect they’ve been trying to touch your cell phone? There are several apps that can help you find out if this is actually happening or not, such as Third Eye, which is only available for Android.

Even if the person misses the password, just trying to unlock their device will capture their image. Also, you will receive notifications to be able to view the photo. Check out how to use it.

How to take a picture of someone who touches your cell phone

Step 1: download the Third Eye app (Android) and, if you want to use it, you must release the permission so that the app can override the others, have access to your camera and that the app has administrator access to your device.

Step 2: in the “General” tab, slide the button next to the first item to be able to take pictures of anyone who tries to enter a password on their cell phone, even if it is wrong.

Step 3: click on the second item to define after which is the number of times the person needs to make a mistake so that pictures start to be taken.

Step 4: after setting, just wait. If someone tampers with your phone, when unlocking you will see a notification from the app.

Step 5: when opening it, go to the “Photo Log” tab to check the picture of who tried to access your device.

Ready! Now you can find out who is trying to tamper with your cell phone.

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