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How to turn on Low Power Mode on iPad

Low Power Mode (Low Power Mode) is a tool well known by iPhone users since 2015, and has recently arrived on the iPad with the new update for the iPadOS 15. Using it is essential to save the device’s battery, reducing the tasks that consume it the most — such as background updates.

This is an excellent news for people who have had the tablet for some time and, due to battery wear, want to extend the time of use in their daily activities, for work or for visual presentations. While not an essential device compared to the iPhone, Low Power Mode is welcome on the iPad and its use should be as routine as that of the smartphone.

To help you with the task and make it easier to use, see how to put Low Power Mode in the iPad Control Center to trigger it whenever you want.

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How to turn on Low Power Mode on iPad

Step 1: enter the Settings app. Then tap on “Control Center”.

Step 2: tap the “+” button to add Low Power Mode in Control Center.

Ready! Simply drag your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom right and open the Control Center to select Low Power Mode on the iPad.

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