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Images reveal Google Assistant with new colorful look

The Google Assistant may have a new user interface soon. The idea is to bring a more colorful and adaptable look for those who enjoy a more “different” look.

The XDA-Developers portal discovered the novelty by analyzing the code of an exclusive version for developers. The application adopts shades of blue and green in the background according to the user’s choice for the light or dark theme, although there is no solid explanation of why these colors.

The suspicion is that this is a feature for the “Monet” theme of Android 12, which allows you to apply the colors of the wallpaper to other elements of the user interface. It automatically changes the background color of notifications, quick settings, the lock screen and all other system windows. The goal is to leave the entire operating system with harmonized colors, following a unique color palette – if your screen background is red, for example, apps compatible with this feature would have the whole appearance has reddish tones.

As the theme system changes the accent color in many parts of the UI, this can affect the background color of the Google Assistant as well. If this is confirmed, it would not be something exclusive to the utility, but, due to the lack of more concrete information, it will be treated as such.

Another novelty that can come is the personalized shortcuts, called “My actions” on the device. That was speculation, but the images reveal that Google is really working on this improvement. With the new possibility, you can access the most executed commands with just a quick touch on the screen.

All of this was discovered on a Sony Xperia phone running Android 11. According to XDA-Developers, the experiment tried to be reproduced on the Pixel 4 model, the official Google device, with the same operating system, but it was not possible for some reason. unknown reason.

Google Assistant renewal

The Wizard’s last visual update had taken place in early 2020 to bring a simpler, more compact and adaptable interface to the phone’s dark mode. Since then, the app has remained the same appearance. With the launch of Android 12 approaching, rumors of a redesign began to appear.

The feature is one of the most appreciated and used by Android owners, especially those who use “clean” versions of the system. The assistant is Google’s alternative to the also popular Alexa, from Amazon, and Siri, from Apple.

It still does not give confirmation of when these additions can arrive (or if they will appear) or an estimated date. The way is to wait and see if new information comes around.

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