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Instagram tests publications made from the PC browser

Instagram has finally indicated that it intends to bring the publication creation tool to its browser version. The programmer and recurring informant Alessandro Paluzzi managed to enter the “New publication” menu through the browser when investigating the platform code and, from there, go to the final settings screen without having to touch the cell phone.

The browser version would be able to create a publication entirely from scratch from photos (JPEG or PNG format) or videos (MP4 or QuickTime) stored on the computer. Once processed by the browser, the user could add filters, choose the content proportion and finalize the publication with location, description, markings and other features of the conventional mobile app.

The news ends up being good news also for those who access Instagram via iPad. The Apple tablet does not have an official social media app, so users use the web version to access it. Improvements in the browser Instagram help provide a more complete experience and, if the leaked resource goes live, it would even allow the creation of publications.

Paluzzi comments that the creation tool is being tested internally by the company and, therefore, it should not be launched anytime soon. It remains to be hoped that the feature will work well during evaluations so that it soon reaches Instagram.

Paying attention to the browser version

Instagram for browser did not always provide a good experience with the social network, however, the company seems to have changed the perspective on it. Last year, the web version of the platform gained support for direct messages, fully synchronized with the application for the cell phone, and, earlier this year, the viewing of Stories changed for the better with an interface adapted to the larger screens.

Receiving the creation tool would be another indication that the web version was placed as a priority for the company. There, it is even possible to publish videos in IGTV format without the need for a smartphone, which indicates that the creation tool in the traditional format is in the plans of the social network.

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