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iPadOS 14 | All the news of the new version of the Apple system for iPads

Apple announced on June 22 this year the new generation of its operating system for iPads. On September 16, 2020, iPadOS 14 reached iPad owners with some new features brought in just like those offered on the iPhone, but it has new features in Apple Pencil and better support for large screens. Find out all about it now

iPadOS 14: compatible models

The recently launched iPad Air (2020) and 8th Generation iPad models are already in stores with the new factory system. However, the models below are also compatible with the new version:

  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches (4th generation);
  • 11-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation);
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches (2nd generation);
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches (3rd generation);
  • 11-inch iPad Pro (1st generation);
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches (1st generation);
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inches;
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro;
  • 7th generation iPad;
  • 6th generation iPad;
  • 5th generation iPad;
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad mini 4;
  • 3rd generation iPad Air;
  • 4th generation iPad Air;
  • iPad Air 2.

iPadOS 14: Apple Pencil smarter

Inseparable companion of the iPad, Apple Pencil has gained some improvements that have made it even more intelligent. Now, the user can write normally with the pen, as if using a notebook, and the system converts the material to typed text instantly.

Apple says that this feature could be used, for example, to reply to a message in iMessage or search in Safari. In addition, detectors will also recognize phone numbers, dates and addresses.

Feature already appears on some Samsung tablets (Photo: Disclosure / Apple)

In principle, the function called Scribble will have support for English and Chinese (traditional and simplified). It is likely, however, that it will also gain support for other languages ​​in the coming months.

iPadOS 14: iOS 14 experience

IPadOS 14 also brings a user experience similar to the recently launched iOS 14. Icons can be expanded to provide more information – in a visual similar to Windows Phone tiles. The novelty also accompanies call notifications and more discreet messages.

It is also possible to add a Smart Set of widgets, which takes advantage of the “smart performance of the device itself to show the widgets you need just when you need them,” according to Apple.

The idea is that you focus on what you’re doing at the moment (Photo: Disclosure / Apple)

Another feature of iPadOS 14 is the possibility to find applications, access contacts, files and other information through the search bar. Keeping a compact look, the good news is that you can start your search from anywhere, without having to leave the current application. Not only has the search on the iPad improved, but also on the Safari browser, which now provides more relevant suggestions as the user types.

The search will be more complex on the iPadOS 14 (Photo: Disclosure / Apple)

iPadOS 14: augmented reality more immersive

Apple’s major focus in recent years, Augmented Reality promises to be even more immersive with the iPadOS 14. The operating system will offer ARKit 4, a toolkit that provides developers with an API for more accurate notions of depth. As such, app and game creators will be able to take body measurements for more accurate virtual tests or use the iPad’s sensors to “paint” their room.

Developers will have access to more in-depth information (Photo: Disclosure / Apple)

iPadOS 14: other news

  • Privacy features: all applications now need to obtain permission from the user before crawling;
  • Posts: users can pin conversations to the top of the message list, easily follow topics and personalize conversations;
  • Crab: now Apple’s virtual assistant helps find answers from all over the internet and can send audio messages;
  • Google Maps: it’s easier to navigate and explore new routes and selected guides;
  • Home: the Home app makes smart home control even easier with new automation suggestions and expanded controls in the Control Center for faster access to accessories and scenes;
  • Safari: Safari now offers a privacy report so users can see which cross-site crawlers have been blocked, secure password monitoring and internal translation for web pages;
  • Accessibility: news for headphones, which amplify soft sounds and adjust the audio to help content become clearer; sign language at Group FaceTime; VoiceOver now automatically recognizes what is visually displayed on the screen to help visually impaired people.

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