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iPhone 12 Pro: it takes $ 406 of components to make it

The authors of a report have established a fairly precise sum of the sums involved for each element necessary for the manufacture of the iPhone 12 Pro. The most expensive component? his 5G modem.

According to an estimated report on the current, individual cost of each component, the iPhone 12 Pro would cost Apple $ 406 in parts. A smartphone that Cupertino then resells from $ 999 depending on the storage capacity embedded in its bowels. The most expensive of the components would be the X55 5G modem manufactured by Qualcomm, whose estimated price is 90 dollars by chip. Next, in descending order, are the OLED screen provided by Samsung ($ 70 per unit), the A14 Bionic processor ($ 40), storage provided by Samsung – again – ($ 19.2), SK Hynix memory. ($ 12.8) and, finally, Sony camera modules (between $ 7.4 and $ 7.9).

Still according to this report, the origin of the components is quite varied: 1/5 comes from Europe, 1/5 from South Korea, 1/5 from the United States. The remaining 2/5 are to be shared between Japan, Taiwan and China (in order).

Of course, if we add the price of the main components, we are far from the 406 dollars announced, but more in the neighborhood of 260 dollars. But do not forget to add the box, the MagSafe connector, the various connection cables, the battery, the antenna cables, etc.

These 406 dollars may seem low if we compare them to the final price of the machine. But we must obviously also add salaries, as well as the sums invested in research and development, marketing, prototyping, etc.

Source: Fomalhaut Techno Solutions

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