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Luminar AI: How artificial intelligence makes photo editing accessible to everyone

If artificial intelligence has long been reserved for large industries and companies, it is proving to be more and more accessible to the general public. With LuminarAI, editor Skylum places it at the heart of the photo editing process: an additional revolution?

Long the favorite subject of science fiction authors and at the heart of the fantasies, but also of the fears, of generations of technophiles, artificial intelligence is more than ever a reality today. AI is found everywhere: in video games of course, but also in cars, smartphones, everyday connected objects, on the Internet, or in software of all kinds. The use of artificial intelligence is no longer reserved only for companies that design it: they are now intended to make life easier for many types of users, professionals and individuals alike.

Little by little, artificial intelligence is changing the face of the world, one algorithm at a time, and this is also the case in the world of photo editing. Long reserved for retouching professionals, requiring us long hours of learning, software in this sector is becoming more and more accessible thanks to the arrival of AI. LuminarAI is a good example.


Discreet and efficient assistance in photo editing

It has been several years since AI moved into the world of photo editing: indeed, many software programs use artificial intelligence, in a more or less visible way. Editor Skylum is working on the subject, particularly in the development of its Luminar software. The fourth iteration of the latter offers various functionalities guided by artificial intelligence algorithms, making it possible, for example, to retouch the sky of a landscape or correct the defects of a face almost automatically.

Artificial intelligence is present here to facilitate the modification of photos while retaining their authenticity and naturalness. It puts users, even beginners, just a click away from tools that previously required extensive expertise and years of practice. And with LuminarAI, its brand new software, Skylum goes even further, by involving more artificial intelligence in its approach.

“With LuminarAI, we wanted to make sure that AI was not only easy to use, but also provided creatives with a way to express themselves.”, explains Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum. “With our unique depth mapping and 3D segmentation technologies, we are able to recognize the content of a photo, recommend edits, and allow creatives to refine every aspect of it. “ Through new tools guided by AI, it is possible to entirely modify the atmosphere of a photo, to restructure it, to improve or completely transform the sky, to precisely retouch the eyes or the body of a subject , to harmonize colors and contrast, all in order to make your photos unique shots.


AI at the service of your creativity, not the other way around

Such a proposal necessarily pushes to ask this essential question: by dint of giving artificial intelligence more and more latitude, will the latter not end up replacing the user, and thus deprive him of his creativity ? Rest assured, amateurs (and professionals) of photo editing: this is not Skylum’s goal with LuminarAI. The software’s mission is to facilitate access to extensive retouching features, but the user retains control over all of the modifications, which they can refine or delete if they wish. “Creators thus retain their unique style, without having to inflict tedious tasks on themselves in the process”, comments Alex Tsepko. “They thus obtain professional results in record time”.

Artificial intelligence is there to serve the user, not to command him. It is not intended to replace humans in these artistic tasks. Moreover, the neural network that it uses to function within LuminarAI was fed by renowned photographers around the world, such as Marvin Gray, Albert Dros, Evgeny Tchebotarev, Serge Ramelli, and many others. Behind each AI, there are above all men and women who give a little personality to flesh out their own. The sum of all its additions and assets help to make artificial intelligence a unique and powerful creation, which remains dependent on the person who uses it.

Photo editing is no longer the preserve of the pros

Certainly, photography professionals will always have the art and the way to sublimate their shots and those of others. But thanks to artificial intelligence, even the amateur photographer, absolute neophyte of photo editing, can hope to turn his shots into works of art, without having to spend hours modifying each shot. A small revolution within everyone’s reach, thanks to accessible software such as LuminarAI.

And don’t think that this is only of interest to those new to photo editing: aficionados of the sector can also take advantage of it, leaving it to the AI ​​to deal with repetitive and tedious retouching, for their allow you to focus on the artistically most important points. A real virtuous circle which, in the end, has enough to revolutionize the world of photo editing.

Luminar AI

Pre-order LuminarAI now

The new software from Skylum Software is now available for pre-order: you can reserve your copy at a special price, and thus access the LuminarAI Insiders private community which provides access to tutorials, information from the development team, special events, and more, all without having to pay more than the price of the software. LuminarAI will be available to everyone at the end of the year.

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