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Mercado Livre is in the Government’s sights due to the sale of pirated digital books

The Free Market will undergo an investigation process in the coming days, and for a most trivial reason. Some users are selling pirated digital books inside the platform, something that was discovered by the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon), an agency of the Ministry of Justice that introduced the administrative measure to better investigate the case.

“The process initiated aims to investigate the violation of objective good faith and transparency, as well as investigating the conduct of misleading advertising and the insertion of an inappropriate product for consumption in the market,” says an excerpt from the process published by Valor Investe. After this measure, the Ministry of Justice gave the Free Market up to 10 days to comment.

Within the process is another company from the Market Livre group, Market Pago, which receives payments on the platform. If signs of negligence on the part of the companies are identified, fines must be sanctioned by the Government.

In a statement sent to Valor Investe, Market Livre stressed “that it rejects the misuse of its platform and that it works in collaboration with different actors in the public and private sector to exclude any advertisement that violates its terms and conditions of use and the legislation in force. force”.

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