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Microsoft 365 starts to remove support for Internet Explorer 11

THE Microsoft already announced that the Internet Explorer will not work with the services of the Microsoft 365 as of August 2021, and the first steps are being taken towards the extinction of the browser. As of this Monday (30), the company no longer supports the Microsoft Teams in your old browser.

With the removal of support, Internet Explorer 11 users will still be able to access the service, but there is no guarantee that it will work correctly – until, eventually, it will no longer be possible to connect to the application through the browser.

The warning will appear when a user tries to log in to Teams through IE: “This site does not work with Internet Explorer”. Microsoft recommends using another browser, but at first you will still be able to click on “Continue using Internet Explorer”.

IE can redirect to Microsoft Edge

Of course, Microsoft prefers that when migrating, you choose the company’s latest browser, Microsoft Edge. One of the company’s strategies is to automatically redirect IE-incompatible websites to Edge through an old browser helper component that was installed quietly in October.

The list of sites incompatible with Internet Explorer has 1,200 URLs, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Drive. After opening Edge, Microsoft also encourages the user to adopt the browser as their default browser.

With information: Microsoft and Bleeping Computer

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