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Microsoft Edge: how to turn off the new copy-paste link format

Microsoft’s web browser no longer only copies the URL of pages, but also integrates the titles. Here’s how to turn off this feature.

If you use Microsoft Edge and you happen to copy and paste URLs into documents, messages, or emails, you’ve probably noticed a change. The browser no longer copies just the raw URL, but the full title of the page with a hyperlink.

Wanting to copy, for example, the URL https://www.01net.com from Edge, pasting the contents of the clipboard will display 01net.com – High Tech News, Product Tests & Downloads.

While it can come in handy in certain situations, not being able to paste the exact contents of what you’ve copied can get annoying very quickly. Fortunately, it is possible to deactivate this operating mode in the browser settings.

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1. Open settings

Click on the main menu of the browser represented by three small dots, and go to the menu Settings.

2. Change the sharing options

From the left column, access the menu Share, copy and paste. The Default value of the copy and paste format of the URL is normally configured in the mode Link, the one that creates a hyperlink on the title of the page whose URL you copied.

Modify this value and choose instead Plain text. Now any URLs you copy will be pasted from the clipboard in their usual raw form, without the page title embedded in it.

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