Microsoft Edge will let you follow YouTube channels through the browser


Microsoft Edge Canary (trial version of the program) gained a function to allow the user to follow YouTube channels via browser. When entering a channel on the platform, the person will see a button in the address bar to allow immediate membership.

When the user clicks on the icon on the little doll with the arrow, a pop-up will appear on the screen with the confirmation of registration. If you already have your login saved, you just need to proceed with the operation, otherwise you will be asked to enter your credentials.

YouTube posts will be imported directly into the Creators tab in the Browser’s Collections feature. You can see the thumbnail image (thumbnail), the title and relevant data such as the date posted, the number of views and the length of the video.

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New utility for RSS

To make the integration, Edge uses the RSS protocol to link the profile update feed without having to access the video network. You can get an overview of updates from creators or dig deeper into a channel’s newly published content.


Although it is restricted to Google’s video service, it is likely that this novelty will be expanded in the future to other social networks, such as Instagram and Tiktok. That way, the person can just click on the location to see if there is any relevant news.

For now, the novelty is in the testing phase with a small number of Edge Canary users. There is still no word on when more people will have access or if the YouTube RSS will arrive for the stable version of the browser.

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