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Microsoft Word will try to guess what you want to write

If you use Gmail, you may have already enjoyed the service’s smart writing, which suggests words as an email is being written. And if a resource like this were available to the Microsoft Word? Well know that, from March, the text editor will gain a function that has precisely this purpose.

Simply called Text Prediction (in free translation, “text prediction”) by Microsoft, the feature has been tested since September 2020 by users of the Office Insider program.

The operation is simple: when the user starts to type a text, Word tries to predict the word he will type and suggests it in a gray tone, next to the cursor. If the person wants to insert that word in the text, they only need to press the Tab key. If not, just continue typing or press Esc.

According to Microsoft, the novelty will bring at least two advantages: it will allow the user to complete a text more quickly and will reduce the amount of grammatical or spelling errors.

To this end, Microsoft based Text Prediction on a machine learning algorithm. This means that, over time, the tool learn to to be more precise in word suggestions.

The data that serve as a basis for learning consist precisely of the texts typed by the user. But Microsoft guarantees that this data is not stored on its servers or accessed by anyone else, unless the user agrees to provide it as part of the feedback function.

Predictive text in Word (image: disclosure / Microsoft)

Depending on the user’s activity, a function like this can hinder rather than help. For these circumstances, Word will allow text suggestion to be disabled from the status bar.

There is an important limitation: for now, Word’s text prediction works only in English. It is very likely that the feature will expand to other languages ‚Äč‚Äčover time, but Microsoft has not given any predictions about this.

As already mentioned, the novelty will be officially available in March for users of Microsoft 365. In addition to Word, text suggestions will work in Outlook and Outlook.com.

With information: Bleeping Computer.

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