Moon Knight gets new teaser with hero and villain in action


Marvel Studios has released a new teaser for moon knight which brings a slightly clearer view of the studio’s new hero. Although he did not go into details of the plot, the commercial shown during the Super Bowl halftime served to show a little more of the villain and make it very clear what the protagonist’s power level will be.

As in the first promotional material, the focus here was to show the fragmented psyche of Steven Grant/Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and how his multiple personalities seem to be related to the origin of Moon Knight himself. the character being surrounded by the moon god Khonshu.

Still, the teaser didn’t do much more than reinforce how the protagonist’s head is chaotic and confused, in the same way that reality and dream still mix.

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But what’s even more interesting is the first major demonstration of Moon Knight in action, going beyond the transformation and brief glimpse presented in the previous trailer. Now, the character appears fighting human enemies and using his cape to form the iconic moon symbol — and which, in fact, makes him Marvel’s Batman.

Another highlight of the commercial was the focus given to Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), who will be much more than just a cultist.

As can be seen, he actually appears to have some sort of power and is interested in taking advantage of the chaos within Spector. At one point, for example, you can see that he summons some kind of energy from the top of a pyramid — which reinforces the presence of this mystical element in the series.

However, we will only know the dimension of these powers and if they are real or just a delusion of the protagonist on March 30, when moon knight comes to Disney+.

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