Motorola Edge 30 Ultra may have stylus pen with unprecedented compartment


Motorola will be able to make a state-of-the-art stylus available along with the upcoming Edge 30 Ultra, with improvements in aspects such as latency and overall user experience. In addition, the company should still offer a protective cover with its own compartment for the accessory.

The new stylus could be quite different compared to what is available with devices like the Moto G Stylus. It should be paired via Bluetooth, provide support for gestures and even support wireless charging. Another additional feature could be the ability to use with low latencies, to compete more closely with competitors such as the Apple Pencil or S Pen — the greater responsiveness allows the use to more realistically simulate the experience of writing or drawing on paper .

In addition, the pen should still have a button on the side to perform various functions from a distance, such as activating the camera shutter, or passing slides in a presentation, for example, aiming directly at what Samsung makes available on its devices compatible with the accessory. The cell phone system should offer full integration with the pen, in which the activation of the pen would show a pop-up notification with battery status, compatible applications, among other features.

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A “pocket” for the stylus pen

Another detail that draws attention is the protective cover of the cell phone, which would also bring several functions related to the pen. A separate compartment would have been implemented in the central part of the rear section, a positioning that is unheard of so far. This “pocket” would be able to recharge wirelessly, and even perform specific software tasks when it detects that the accessory has been removed — such as opening an application chosen by the user, or activating Bluetooth automatically, for example.

In the front section, the case would also have integrations with the system. According to images released, it would be divided into three parts, in which the central division would be leaked to allow the visualization of elements of the Always On Display, such as notifications and time and date information – it would also be possible to answer or decline calls without the need to open the cover.

A date has not yet been announced for the release of these accessories, but it is possible that they will appear together with the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. The cover may be called “Folio Case”, but the nomenclature may still change.

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