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Netflix lets you download suggested series and movies automatically

Netflix has updated the smart downloads feature to automatically download the series and movies that might interest you. With the new option, your history is taken into account by the streaming service to store titles on your phone. The change started to be released for Android and should reach iOS in the coming months.

The option to automatically download series and movies appears in your Netflix app account settings. When it is enabled and the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, the platform downloads a selection of titles based on your preferences. The content is stored on the phone and can be viewed at any time.

The service allows you to define how much space the titles will occupy in the phone’s memory and indicates how many hours of content this represents. An image released about the new feature points out that 3 GB guarantee about 12 hours of series and films. The feature also signals how much space represents in relation to the total cell phone storage.

Netflix changes Smart Downloads

The novelty announced by Netflix marks a change in Smart Downloads, available for more than two years for Android and iOS. With it, the platform automatically downloads the next episodes of the series you are watching. When you download a series, the resource downloads the following episodes on its own and at your own pace.

The new feature, which chooses which series to download, has been tested by Netflix since at least 2019. It will be displayed within the Smart Downloads section and can be used with the entire streaming service catalog. The platform states that Android users will receive the option starting this Monday (22).

With information: TechCrunch.

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