New Ubuntu logo may have been revealed “by accident” in official material


Canonical, the company behind Linux Ubuntu, is working on an overall visual makeover of its services and may give the distribution a new logo and icons. The head of web design, Anthony Dillon, revealed this Monday (28) that one of the teams is focused on developing a reworked identity for the company’s services and “leaked” the possible new image of the Ubuntu brand.

Little has been revealed for the new logos that should make up Canonical’s ecosystem of services. However, decisions made in this redesign will be reflected in already-released components, as well as in the headers of the company’s web pages.

In one of the screenshots released by the executive (above), it is possible to notice some differences in the logo that is known as the “Wheel of Friends” of the Linux system. In the rereading, instead of holding hands, the members of the circle would have their arms intertwined, closer to each other.

Another theory about the “leaked” logo is that it is not the final version, but rather a prototype positioned so as not to catch the attention of the article’s readers. A new Ubuntu logo, even, may not be being prepared, if, in fact, it is a generic model of the figure — which is also a possibility.

According to the site, it’s not the first time Canonical’s designers have revealed they’re thinking of new identities for software and services, so the ad isn’t necessarily new and may, unfortunately, not lead to a new look.

Ubuntu gets its next big update in October, so if there is indeed a new logo, it will be revealed in version 21.10.

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