Nova HQ shows Kid Thanos, the children’s version and as insane as the Crazy Titan


The grand finale of phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Avengers: Endgame, made a new audience adore Thanos the Mad Titan. And Marvel obviously knows this, and continues to use the character in the comics in a variety of ways. The most recent is one of the Titan in his childhood: Kid Thanos.

The preview of Avengers #50, a magazine with scripts by Jason Aaron and art by Javier Garron, shows that Ka-Zar is about to face the child’s version of the Mad Titan in what appears to be the Wilderness. Kid Thanos, noting that Ka-Zar’s knife does not match the period’s technological level, understands that the hero, like him, is a time traveler.

Not that being in the past is a problem for Kid Thanos, as his plan, in his own words, is to “destroy planet Earth while it’s still in its cradle”.

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Even in the preview we can see that the young Mad Titan is using robots to attack the place, and that Ka-Zar ends up being injured during the confrontation.

Difference with normal Thanos

With the information presented in the preview of Avengers #50, it is possible to speculate that the child version of Thanos has a huge difference compared to the Mad Titan that usually appears in comic books: it kills for pure and simple fun, instead of being a way to court the personification of Death of Marvel.

And there’s more: the children’s version of Crazy Titan has already been confirmed as part of the Multiverse Masters of Horror, who will be the main opponents of the heroes in the event Avengers Forever. Regardless of what happens in the issue, we’ll definitely see a lot of Kid Thanos in the future for sure.

Avengers #50, which is also being advertised as Avengers #750, numbering obtained by counting all editions of Avengers released since 1963, will be released in the US in early December.

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