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One UI 3.0 Beta | News and features of the new version of the Samsung interface

Samsung released registrations for the One UI 3.0 test program on August 6. The company’s new mobile interface will be based on the recently launched Android 11 and will bring a number of new features and visual improvements over version 2.5, launched with the Galaxy Note 20 line. Check out all the news from One UI 3.0 below:

New Features

Samsung Internet: the Samsung Internet browser has received several new features in the last few months and, with version 3.0 of One UI, the tool will start to block the redirection of websites by touching the Back button, in addition to warning the user about pages that display many pop-ups or notifications and prohibit them from being displayed.

The look of the browser will also change, especially the options menu, in order to make the new features easy to find. One of these new functions is to translate websites with just one button and also an option to hide the status bar for a more immersive experience.

The number of tabs supported simultaneously will increase to 99 and the design of the tab bar will be improved to be compatible with all devices. It will also be possible to lock and reorder the tabs, so the environment should be more organized.

Samsung Internet guides can be reorganized (Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers))

Finally, sad news is that Samsung Internet will no longer be compatible with the Edge panel, a feature that can be accessed by sliding your finger on the side of Galaxy devices.

Contacts: the Contacts app is a bit confusing, as synced Gmail and SIM contacts are usually displayed. With One Ui 3.0, it will be possible to delete duplicate numbers and search for names more easily and edit multiple contacts at once.

In addition, the time limit for the contacts’ trash can will be extended from 15 to 30 days, so you will have more time to recover a previously deleted contact.

Telephone: in relation to the interface of the Telephone app, One UI 3.0 will bring the possibility to customize the call screen with your own photos and videos.

Telephone application will let you customize the call screen (Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers)

Posts: the Messaging app will get a trash can to store deleted messages for a period.

Gallery and Photo Editor: already available in other photo editors, the function of reverting the edited images to their original versions will finally be added in One UI 3.0.

Samsung’s photo editor will revert edited photos to their original versions (Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers)

Calendar and Reminder: with One UI 3.0, the layout of the Calendar and Reminder apps will be enhanced to display an alert across the entire screen.

Events that start at the same time will now be shown in the month and calendar view. In addition, the options for adding and editing events will be rearranged for easier navigation.

Samsung DeX: One UI 2.5 had already brought the option of wirelessly connecting DeX-compatible Galaxy devices to TVs and the new version will keep that feature. The novelty will be a new touchpad which will allow you to change the screen zoom and font size more easily.

Samsung DeX already Wireless is now available for Galaxy smartphones with version 2.5 of One UI (Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers)

Samsung Keyboard: there won’t be many changes in the usability of Samsung’s official keyboard, but it will gain the addition of filling suggestions and the option to copy and paste images right from the keyboard. In addition, your settings will now organize the main tools first.

Accessibility: One UI 3.0 will become smarter to provide accessibility features based on its use, in addition to enabling quick access to key functions through device settings.

Audible detectors will work with devices compatible with the platform SmartThings, like TVs and smart lamps, in order to give more visible alerts when the doorbell rings or the baby is crying, for example.

Battery saving: in the battery settings, there will be the addition of a new function called “Minimal Battery Use”, which will apply a dark theme, a very simple home screen and limit background apps to focus on energy savings.

Completely dark theme with little information on battery saving mode (Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers)

Another new option that we can observe is an improved processing mode, which basically makes a “overclocked” on the device to provide more performance.

Bixby Routines: Bixby routines are used to automatically adjust some settings and control device applications based on your usage patterns and preferences. With One UI 3.0, you can apply a custom icon to each routine and see what actions are reversed when a routine ends.

Bixby’s routines learn with the use of the user and do some tasks of the device (Photo: Reproduction / XDA-Developers)

Other news will include some accessibility features, new routine conditions, including specific time, Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth connection and incoming calls from a specific contact.

Digital well-being and Parental Control: a widget on the lock screen to check the screen time without unlocking the phone will be available with the update, in addition to some additional metrics for the weekly report, such as the time of use while driving.

You will also be able to see how your usage has changed since the previous week and check the usage time for each feature.


Home screen: a very welcome feature on the LG interface, turning off the screen by double-tapping an empty spot on the home screen is finally available to users with One UI 3.0.

Adding application widgets will also be easier with the new interface, just touch and hold the associated icon.

Lockscreen: the lock screen will now show smarter widgets and the option to change the wallpaper automatically according to time will show more categories.

Dynamic lock screen of Galaxy smartphones automatically change the wallpaper (Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers)

Notifications panel: a blurring effect on the notification panel was adopted, very similar to the OPPO smartphone interface.

New One UI 3.0 notification panel (Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers)

Some minor details, like the redesign of the volume panel, will also not be overlooked. With the update, the panel will be displayed in the right corner of the screen vertically and will have three dots at the top that forwards to other audio options.

Volume panel was updated in One UI 3.0 (Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers)


One UI 2.5 had already brought some important new features to the Samsung camera app and the new version added only improvements in autofocus and auto exposure, in addition to improved stabilization when taking pictures of the moon.

Cell phones that will receive One UI 3.0

Samsung has not yet revealed which devices will receive the new One UI 3.0, but probably the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20 lines will be the first, followed by the foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip.

The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 lines, if they receive the update for Android 11, should also receive the update when it becomes available. Check out Samsung devices that can be upgraded to the new Android:

It is important to mention that, as One UI 3.0 is in beta, some functions may change. We will update this article as more news comes out!

Source: XDA-Developers

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