Ozark | 5 questions that need answering in the final part of the series


One of Netflix’s top-rated series, ozark premiered in January for its final stretch, with the release of the first part of the fourth and final season. In all, seven episodes were made available, resuming the events of the previous season and beginning the denouement of the Byrde family’s dangerous history with crime.

The first part ended showing that the series finale will be quite intense, with the remaining seven episodes having everything to leave us with our jaws dropped.

Still, there’s a lot that needs to be sorted out in ozark. Therefore, the Kenyannews prepared a list with the 5 most important issues that should be addressed in the last part.

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ozark!

5. What will happen to Zeke?

In one of the cruelest moments of ozark, Darlene (Lisa Emery) murdered the town pastor’s wife. However, the woman was pregnant, and she managed to get the baby out of her belly alive. After the pastor also died, Darlene kept the baby, named Zeke.

However, she was eventually murdered by rivals, leaving the child without any family. Ruth was the person who found Darlene and Wyatt (Charlie Tahan), her cousin, dead, but we still don’t know what she would have done, exactly, with Zeke, and the baby’s future should be shown in the final season.

4. Will Ruth get revenge for her cousin?

The most impactful moment of the first part, of course, came when Ruth (Julia Garner) found Darlene and Wyatt dead. As much as she wanted Darlene out of her life and business, her cousin’s death was not expected. Upon finding the bodies, the character showed herself at her angriest moment so far, willing to take revenge on the cartel at all costs.

The last part of the series, then, must not only show what Ruth’s revenge will be and how she will carry out this mission, but also what the consequences of her decisions will be.

3. What will happen to Navarro and the cartel?

One of the central plots of ozark, of course, involves Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) and his menacing cartel. Throughout the season, we’ve seen that the scheme’s leader and the Byrde family tried to negotiate their redemption with the FBI, but the plans weren’t going as expected.

The expectation for the final moments is for the dissolution of the cartel, with the victory of the FBI and perhaps the Byrde family, or the criminal organization being able to get out of this whole situation unscathed. Regardless of the answer, more deaths must happen.

2. Free Byrde family?

Since getting involved in the criminal world, Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) has been running the illegal schemes in a way that makes it possible to leave crime without harming the family. However, with the participation of Wendy (Laura Linney), his wife, plans have become even more difficult, as she finds herself more involved than ever, and even enjoying this new universe.

So, the final season can go only two ways: family freedom, or full involvement with crime. If the second option happens, the chances that the family will be separated are great, not only because of Wendy, but also because of the betrayal of Jonah (Skylar Gaertner), the couple’s youngest son.

1. What about the car accident?

The show’s final season begins with a car accident with the Byrde family, while they were in a seemingly quiet time, talking about an upcoming meeting with the FBI. They also say that there is only 48 hours left for something and that they are preparing to move, probably to a new life.

We see that the dialogue was interrupted by the accident, when Marty tried to dodge a truck. The car ends up spinning down a ravine, and something serious must have happened. In the last few episodes, therefore, we will know at what point in history it happened and what the consequences of that were.

the first part of ozark is already available on Netflix, but the second does not yet have a scheduled premiere date.

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