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Panic Review 5 | Movie shows that the franchise formula has no validity

What is your favorite horror movie? Of many, the answer is the franchise Panicone of the most important of its kind. slasher. The saga has just won its fifth film, more than 10 years after the last one was released in theaters, promising not to lose the essence responsible for its success for more than 25 years.

The saga Panic begins when Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is tormented by a serial killer, and survives his attacks over the years and over three more movies. This formula was present in all the features, with her being the great protagonist, but in the fifth film in the franchise things were a little different.

Warning: this review may contain Scream 5 spoilers!

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The memory of Wes Craven

From the first ad, panic 5 says it pays tribute to the memory of Wes Craven, who was behind the direction of the first four films. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2015, which could have put the franchise at risk if the saga’s legacy wasn’t so strong and adored even by those who work with cinema.

This time, therefore, the direction was made by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, a duo that also directed the incredible Bloody Wedding2019. The directors managed to keep the formula that brought positive results to the films, and still managed to play with all of this without losing the original essence, which would make Craven more than proud.


panic 5 it doesn’t fail in moments of tension, recycling the way we present ourselves to situations and reformulating elements, which are even more fun. This is seen, for example, in the scene of one of the murders, where we expect to see Ghostface appear every time a door is opened and closed. The directors made this play on the cliché, possibly to pay tribute to the formula that worked so well.

The interaction with the subject of horror films is also present, but in the new film the issue is explored based on the present, of course. In the film, Ghostface is obsessed with the Stab movies, with the motivation of the crime related to what is called “fanfiction”, or “fanfic”, when an amateur fan writes a story and publishes it on the internet.

These details, among others, show that it is possible to adapt stories and situations that made sense in other generations to the current one. For that, however, it’s like the franchise is starting over again. This was already hinted at when the movie was announced, when we realized that the number 5 is not explicit in the title.

So, with the movie in theaters, we see that Sidney Prescott is no longer the center of attention in the murders, even though his presence in town has been an honor for Ghostface. panic 5 also eliminates characters from the original saga, one of them being one of the most important in the entire franchise, possibly to show that a new cycle is beginning.


panic 5 It wouldn’t be an homage to the original if it didn’t bring several references to past movies. In the main plot, we have Sam (Melissa Barrera), the daughter of the first Ghotsface, Billy Loomis, who is practically the “new Sydney”. Stu Macher, who accompanied his friend in the murders, is also mentioned a few times.

Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton) is also back, and we also have nephews of the iconic character Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), who is often mentioned in the new production. In addition, the last killings take place in the same house as the final moments of the first film, making the events more nostalgic.

Obvious, but purposeful?

All of this nostalgia-based build and paying homage to the franchise and the genre arrives in a Ghostface that’s been obvious from the start of the movie. However, this choice does not need to be considered as something negative, quite the opposite.

Recently, an HBO miniseries — which will not be named so as not to deliver the ending — works with the deconstruction of the obvious throughout the episodes. In a murder investigation, all the evidence points to a single person being guilty. However, because it is so wide open, the viewer ends up convincing himself that it’s not him, of course, because it wouldn’t be that obvious.

But therein lies the game: yes, it was him from the beginning. This mental confusion caused by the plot is similar to what happens in panic 5. As soon as we are introduced to the character that is Ghostface, we think that all the evidence points to him. But then comes the thought that no, it would be too obvious. Until the discovery happens and, yes, it was him.

panic 5 established itself as a good film, without losing its original premise and managing to modernize itself. The plot entertains in the same proportion that it leaves the public apprehensive, showing that the formula for its success has no expiration date and can still yield new sequels.

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