Pixel 6 Pro achieves quality close to iPhone 13 Pro Max in camera test


With the launch of each generation of the Pixel line, there are always high expectations regarding the quality of the cameras, as the devices tend to have the maximum in software optimization for photos on Android phones. It was no different with the smartphones shown last week, and the first tests of the SuperSaf channel on YouTube show that the Pixel 6 Pro has returned to a level similar to the iPhones, cell phones that are a reference in this aspect.

In the video, the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro were placed side by side in a variety of scenarios, including photos and recordings outdoors, with low light conditions, portrait mode, among other typical everyday situations. The camera components are quite distinct between the two smartphones, as Google’s cell phone features a 50 + 12 + 48 MP array for main, ultrawide and telephoto sensor respectively, while Apple’s smartphone has 12 + 12 + cameras equipped 12 MP for the same purposes, plus a LiDAR sensor to aid focus.

As is to be expected, both devices have high image quality when light input to the sensor is abundant. Under these conditions, the Pixel 6 Pro has better dynamic range levels, where darker areas have more detail and lighter sections are not overexposed. On the other hand, Google’s smartphone brings problems related to unwanted reflections when the lens is pointed at light sources such as the sun or light bulbs.

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In darker environments, the iPhone 13 Pro Max does a more efficient job of recording the details of framed objects, while the Pixel 6 Pro is able to capture more light and provide clearer photos. Therefore, it is possible to say that the two devices are equivalent in this aspect, depending on the evaluator’s preference.

In the ultrawide lens, the Pixel 6 Pro brings a slightly more efficient processing, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max shows a wider viewing angle (120º against 114º of the Google device), besides implementing the macro function in the same camera, something that its competitor does not.

For zoomed photos, the iPhone 13 Pro Max showed higher levels of detail in photos captured at night, but the Pixel 6 Pro brings greater versatility with up to 4x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom, versus 3x and 15x respectively on the mobile phone. Apple. Therefore, the two devices are again in a technical tie.

In portrait mode, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a clear advantage, with more precise cropping between image layers and progressive blur between objects at different distances. However, the skin tones captured were more realistic on the Pixel 6 Pro, both on the rear and front camera — the ultrawide mode for the selfie camera is also better on the Google device.

In terms of video recording, the iPhone 13 Pro Max continues with the overall victory, but with a competition much closer to the Pixel 6 Pro. Image stabilization is still unbeatable in the rear camera of the Apple smartphone, but in the front camera the results are more similar, with a slight advantage to Google’s mobile. Meanwhile, HDR is quite efficient on both devices, but the iPhone gets the better of it as well.

So the overall result still indicates an iPhone win with all aspects considered, but tests show that Google’s device came closer to matching the conditions — or even winning at certain times, especially in dynamic range, skin tones. and zoom — something that previous generations of Pixel could no longer achieve.

The full test can be seen below:

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