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Reddit users eat rotten meat to get high; experts warn

In the USA, a new peculiar diet has taken place on social networks: people are consuming rotten and fermented meat in search of an effect of euphoria and dizziness.

Entitled in the USA as high meat (in a free translation, it is something like “flat meat”), this new fashion consists of raw meat that has been left out of the refrigerator for fermentation, a process that uses organisms to bring about a chemical change in food. And although there is a difference between controlled fermentation and letting the meat rot, this process is difficult to get right.

“There is a type of preparation in which the meat rots and then is eaten. Some even leave it for a year. Without any additives. Done incorrectly, the process can be dangerous. During the process, the meat has to be well ventilated. flavor is addictive. but during the procedure, the meat may start to smell. (…) The meat gives a feeling of euphoria, togetherness and family, “reported a Reddit user.

However, not only from feelings of euphoria does the adept to this diet live. Experts warn of the risk of intestinal botulism and other diseases. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, foodborne illnesses can be caused by two main methods: infection or intoxication.

“Foodborne infection is caused by eating foods that contain live bacteria or pathogens; these pathogens cause disease as they grow in the human gastrointestinal tract. Common pathogens for foodborne diseases are norovirus or Salmonella,” says the department.

“Food poisoning is caused by eating foods that contain toxins released by pathogens; the pathogens themselves do not cause disease. A common example of food poisoning is botulism, caused by botulinum toxins, not by the bacteria that produce it,” he points out.

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