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Redesigned interface, home automation and Zoom integration: Google Assistant screens update

This new software version brings many new features, both in terms of interface and functionality.

Google’s smart screens are evolving. The brand announced on October 19 an update of their software, bringing many new features. They are available for example on the Nest Hub and Hub Max, the two devices with screens in the range of Google.

First of all, a new visual experience is offered to start the day. A dedicated page allows you to consult your first appointment, the day’s information and the weather forecast. It evolves throughout the day to display the essentials of the afternoon and evening.

Zoom lands on Google screens

A “Media” page appears. The whole family can watch videos, shows, movies or series from YouTube, Disney +, Netflix or music from Spotify. Google also emphasizes home automation with a section where all the connected objects in the home are grouped together.

Communication tools, very popular since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, are also available from a single page. In addition to Google’s Meet and Duo tools, Zoom will make its appearance before the end of 2020. Finally, to help juggle personal and professional use, the Google Assistant now supports multiple Google accounts at the same time.

A follow-up of the subject to be always well framed

This update also allows the connected screen to follow the user when he is facing the camera during a video conference, as on the Portal, of Facebook. It is thus always well framed, whatever its movements.

The interface and ergonomics are evolving by finally offering a dark fashion. It is also possible to emit relaxing sounds (rain, crickets, etc.) before going to bed, for example. Function Sunrise Alarm gradually activates the screen for a gentle awakening.

Finally, a “Discover” section allows you to view features that you might not know about. The update is already available on devices using the visual version of the Google Assistant.

Source: Google

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