Remember him? 4 tamagotchi games for mobile


Hi people! Do you remember the Tamagotchi’s, the famous virtual pets? They were a hit in the 90s, right? It was a toy with a round shape where you had to take care of your Tamagotchi pet. Ah! And he also had that green screen with square pixels just like in the older handheld games, you know? Then how much nostalgia… 💙

They were so successful that even today they are one of the main references when it comes to “virtual pets”. This genre is also quite successful in mobile games. So, today I put together a list with 4 little games of Tamagotchi that you can download today. Just take a look at these tips! 😉

1. My Tamagotchi Forever

Guys, My Tamagotchi Forever is the newest version of our virtual friends! It was developed by BANDAI NAMCO the famous game producer, capturing all the essence of the Tamagotchi’s in this new smartphone version.

They have a new look with a more colorful and 3D look, but still with the classic characters of the game. There you can adopt several virtual pets and watch them grow while you take care of them.

In addition, there are several mini-games that leave the adventure with your Tamagotchi even cooler. Ah! And you can also customize them with various cute outfits. I already want one for me 🥰

You can download My Tamagotchi Forever for mobiles Android and iOS (iPhone).

2. My Boo

In My Boo, you can also enjoy great adventures with your virtual pet. You can have fun and take care of your little blue friend with great affection. They are adorable! It’s easy to learn how to play and collect coins to buy visuals and customize your Boo’s style. Thus, you can enjoy several moments relaxing with the mini-games and decorating your Boo’s home.

You can download My Boo for mobiles Android and iOS (iPhone).

3. Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2

Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2 was inspired by one of the most famous creatures in the author’s horror tales HP Lovecraft. This game shows that even a gigantic cosmic creature can be a cute virtual pet.

Even those who don’t know the author’s work can have a lot of fun taking care of Cthulhu’s virtual pet. You can enjoy various mini-adventures while helping little Cthulhu to grow up to his glorious ascent.

Ah! And even though it has a colorful and stylized look in pixel art (technique of making animations with few pixels), it also has a retro filter with that greener look for Tamagotchi fans! Pretty cool, right?

You can download Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2 for mobiles Android and iOS (iPhone).

4. Pokémon GO

In addition to Tamagotchi’s we also have other virtual pets that are a huge success and continue to gather fans to this day. In Pokémon GO you can start your journey in the world of Pokémon by capturing and training several of them.

Pokémon GO still makes this experience more immersive by using the location via GPS and the cell phone camera for you to find various species of Pokémon in your home and on your city map. Ah! And the game is even more fun because it is online. You can play with your friends and meet other fans.

You can also choose one of your Pokémon to be your adventure companion. So you can play, feed him berries and follow his growth very closely.

You can install Pokémon GO on your smartphone Android or iOS (iPhone).

Ready! Now you know some virtual pet games that give a delicious feeling of nostalgia to our little friends tamagotchi’s. Did you like the article? Share with your friends. 🥰

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