Resident Evil 4? Street Fighter 6? Capcom count indicates announcement


Capcom opened the week with a mysterious counter that could lead us to the official announcement of Resident Evil 4 Remake or Street Fighter VI. At least, that’s what fans believe, after a company website started to display a timer that ends next Monday (21), at 2 am, Brasília time, with different signs pointing to both sides.

The somewhat futuristic style made many people think of Pragmata, the company’s new franchise announced at E3 2020. The same style, however, has been used before in the series resident Evil, while fans quickly discovered that February 21st in the US is Presidents Day. In RE4Leon’s mission is precisely to investigate the kidnapping of the American leader’s daughter.

On the other hand, there are also indications that point to a possible major announcement of Street Fighter VI. That’s because the date set for the end of the counter coincides with the end of the 2021 season of the Capcom Pro Tour, the franchise’s official tournament that ends on February 20th. It is company tradition to reveal news after the clashes are over and this could very well be the case here.

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However, the counter was still accompanied by not subtle or mysterious changes in the official portal of the horror franchise. For now, nothing confirmed, after all, this is precisely the fun of creating a mystery of this type, but the company’s publication on social networks about the resident Evilhowever, leaves little to be speculated on, with fans quickly identifying the art shown as similar to a view in resident Evil 4in a scene in which the main character, Leon, hallucinates after being contaminated with the parasite that created all of the title’s opponents.

Here, however, we have a closer date. Capcom claims that something will happen on the official portal of resident Evil this Tuesday (15), at 4 am Brasília time. The expectation is not a big announcement, but who knows, another confirmation or strong indication that the long-awaited reimagining of one of the most consecrated games of all time is closer than we imagined.

Couple that with the ever-frequent rumours, including some published in the last week, that the remake of resident Evil 4 would be about to be announced, with release scheduled for next year. The latest unconfirmed information indicates that the game would be more focused on horror, like the most recent titles, and with expansions in the story and participation of secondary characters – even the participation of the original creator of the franchise, Shinji Mikami, was cited for granted in the reports released over the last few months.

The existence of the project, however, was taken for granted after artwork related to the remake of resident Evil 4 and even potential release windows emerged amid an information leak, which took place in November 2020. At the time, Capcom was the victim of a cybercriminal attack, with the crooks demanding values ​​to keep internal data private; the payment did not happen and resulted in the release of the information.

In addition to the remake of resident Evil 4Capcom has two other franchise projects in the works — a DLC that expands the story of RE Village and the multiplayer Resident Evil Re:Verse, which was supposed to be released last year but has been delayed indefinitely. Outside of the horror franchise, we have the aforementioned pragmatist and Street Fighter VI; the truth, then, we will know in a week.

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