Resident Evil 4 will have a fantastic fan-made remaster


the launch of Resident Evil 4 HD Project, a remaster project of the Capcom classic that motivated eight years of work by a couple of passionate fans, is set for February 2nd. Next week, players of the PC version of the game will have access to the mod that brings updated graphics to the title, in a definitive and more beautiful graphic revision, even, than the original editions released by Capcom.

Developed by Cris, from the United States, and Albert, from Spain, the project’s main highlight is the remastering of elements of the scenario, textures and other objects seen in the game. More than just upsampling or redesigning the visuals of resident Evil 4, the duo went after real references, historical monuments and other inspirations from Capcom during the game’s development, delivering remodeled versions, but at the same time, highly faithful.

The result can be seen in a trailer released this week, which shows different moments from the classic and highlights the visual improvements. In addition to the reconstruction itself, the team fixed visual errors that did not appear in the original release, which was meant to be played on CRT monitors, and created three-dimensional artifacts for elements that were previously only two-dimensional due to hardware limitations at the time.

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The remaster includes not only the base game, with Leon in search of the daughter of the President of the United States, but also the extra Assignment Ada, which shows the other side of this story as the spy seeks a sample of the parasite that caused all this chaos. Mercenaries mode has also been improved.

Even before this release, preview versions were already available for download, allowing players to test the improvements. Now the Resident Evil 4 HD Project arrives in its final form, with a download that will be released for free on the project page — the mod, of course, only comes with high definition files and other increments, which must be applied to the original copy of the game, officially available for sale on Steam.

Just watch the video to realize that it is the best version ever released of resident Evil 4, with a nice dose of nostalgia for the fans. The game was originally released in 2005, changing the franchise forever and also marking the departure of the creator of the brand, Shinji Mikami – rumors point out that Capcom is preparing a remake of this classic, with a release in the near future and following the line of the new versions. from other well-known titles in the series.

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