Resident Evil Village | How to solve the music box puzzle?


Resident Evil Village has a very peculiar section that, even almost a month after the launch, is still commented on by the players. After all, we’re talking about one of the scariest parts of the entire franchise, at Casa Beneviento, when Ethan loses all his weapons and faces a nightmare totally related to his memories and uncertainties.

The narrative excerpt includes a chase sequence and different puzzles, with one in particular not being the easiest to solve. A music box, gift from the wedding between Ethan and Mia, appears again in this place, with the song, when played correctly, releasing an item that allows to continue progressing in the story.

The saga begins by obtaining the Torque Wrench, which is hidden in the right leg of Mia’s doll, as soon as Ethan loses his weapons. To leave the room, you must also obtain the password for the wedding ring, which is in the left hand of the mannequin and must be used in the lock that locks the door, after cleaning the ring in the next room, accessible with the silver key.

When trying to return to the elevator, a door will open right in front of Ethan and that is where the music box is, a puzzle that requires attention to detail. The idea is to align the cylinders of the piece so that the melody plays correctly, as it can be heard at the beginning of the game, at Ethan’s house. Whether you heard the song at the beginning of the game or not, a second element serves as an indication of the way forward: the grooves must be aligned for the item to work.

It sounds simple, but there are some hidden tricks here, with some of the cylinders fitting in the wrong way and preventing the puzzle from completing. Therefore, a good tip is to carry out the solution in reverse, starting from the right side of the box and going to the left side, aligning the slots in reverse order.

Check, below, an image of the puzzle solution, with the details highlighted in order to be more noticeable:

Solving the puzzle gives access to a new item, tweezers that must be used on the mouth of Mia’s mannequin and gives access to the continuity of the Casa Beneviento puzzle, which will also involve contact with a very disturbing creature and new anxieties for the protagonist, whose suffering has no end in Resident Evil Village.

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