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Samsung gives a glimpse of what its smartphones of the future could be

The Samsung Display division unveiled two smartphone concepts of the future, one of which has a screen capable of rolling up.

How will the design of our future smartphones evolve? The manufacturer Samsung has looked into the issue and provides food for thought in the form of two illustrations posted on the blog of its division dedicated to display.

The first drawing (see above) is the logical continuation of what Samsung already knows how to do in the field of folding smartphones. This is a model that folds like an accordion and has 3 parts. Unfolded, it offers a large screen, but this may pose a problem of thickness when the smartphone is folded.

The second drawing is much more spectacular. It shows a priori a screen capable of unfolding from a tube.

If the concept is superb on paper, it involves taking up a major technological challenge: making a screen thin and flexible enough to roll up. In addition, there is the problem of lighting the screen and the touchscreen interface.

This design is reminiscent of what LG was able to do in the field of televisions, much larger, with its Signature OLED R.

Note that the manufacturer Oppo is also working on a screen concept capable of unfolding, as it recently demonstrated with its X 2021. What to dream of smartphones of the future that would be easy to transport and offer large screens .

Source : Sam Mobile.

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