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Samsung releases update for 2017 entry-level device

Samsung is increasing the attention it gives to its smartphones when it comes to operating system updates. The company has expanded the availability of system updates to up to three major versions of Android and up to four years of security packages, showing that it is more committed to this, even in older models.

Now it’s time for the Galaxy J3 2017, Galaxy J7 Duo and Galaxy J8 to be upgraded to a newer Android security package. They are basic or intermediate models from at least three years ago, and are still being updated by the South Korean company.

In their case, we see that the Galaxy J3 2017 won the update that can be identified as J330GDXS3CUD1, while the Galaxy J8 gained the version number firmware J810YDXS6CUD1 and the Galaxy J7 Duo had access to the update J720FDDS7CUD2.

In all cases, this is the security package for April 2021, the second most recent one officially released by Google, since the May package is already being delivered to some smartphones.

Unfortunately, these updates do not bring any new features or visual changes to devices, nor do they change their Android version. Here, we see only bug fixes and operating system vulnerabilities.

It may take a few weeks for the update to be offered for devices sold nationwide. It will be released automatically, and a notification should appear at any time notifying you of the news. You can do a manual check by going to Settings> System update> Download and install.

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