Servant Review | Season 3 has a lukewarm and confusing debut on Apple TV+


When Apple TV+ debuted, the streaming platform arrived with the series servant in your catalogue. The premise of the plot is to be a psychological thriller with a supernatural and mysterious story. Now, in Season 3, it’s time for us to have more answers about what’s going on, but will we?

While season one was a big unknown for the story of the Turner family, Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) and baby Jericho, season two embraced the weird and started giving us clues about all this great madness. Therefore, the expectation is that this third season will bring clearer answers and that will lead to the closing, which should happen soon.

Warning: This article contains Servant spoilers!

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The first episode of the new season, however, seems to have been a waste of time. It’s still too early to say how relevant the episode is to the rest of the season, but the first impression is that it didn’t need to have taken up every available minute.

Now, it looks like we’ll be seeing Jericho more often, with the baby gaining a lot of evidence at this early point, leaving the creepy doll aside. The entire episode focuses on Sean (Toby Kebbell) and Julian (Rupert Grint) coming to terms with the insanity of Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Leanne, trying to live as normal as possible in this universe.

Religious questions and lack of answers

Season 3 picks up three months after the events of last season, with the family completely paranoid about the possibility of losing Jericho yet again. As well as many productions that count on the hand of M. Night Shyamalan, servant has a touch of insanity with religious issues, this second present not only in the title of the series (servant), but also in the name of the baby.

Bringing biblical issues into the series could be something more amenable to clarity, as it is something that has been part of many people’s lives over the centuries, which has not been happening with servant. While it’s interesting and fun to solve mysteries, it’s a little disappointing to see that a production makes a point of extending the unknowns for too long.

The hope for fans now is that the next episodes will manage to unravel more answers than the second season, rather than growing ever stronger in confusing symbolism. Three seasons are enough to wrap up such an intriguing mystery and, if need be, bring in new ones.

the third season of servant is now available on Apple TV+, with episodes being released weekly, every Friday.

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