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Small Business: How To Develop Apps That Meet Your Needs With Microsoft Power Apps

Designing business applications, a long, complex and expensive process? Power Apps, Microsoft’s solution, brushes aside all these preconceptions and targets SMEs in search of optimization.

Having applications specially designed to help the employees of a company to optimize the way they work, to increase the possibilities and to become more efficient without making more effort is a dream in many SMEs. But even today, the prospect of having business applications is generally associated with a long, complex, and therefore expensive development process. It’s hard to imagine fitting such an approach into the budget and priorities of a small business. However, if these preconceptions are still stubborn, there is a turnkey solution, accessible and affordable, allowing to design “low code” applications, that is to say with a minimum of programming, and usable immediately: it it’s about Microsoft Power Apps.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Because the needs of the company are constantly evolving, having tools precisely adapted to the needs of its activity is a crucial issue. If accelerating and strengthening the digital transformation of SMEs are often effective methods, it is still necessary to do it intelligently, with perfectly adapted solutions. Microsoft Power Apps is part of this trend, allowing all company employees to bring their know-how and expertise to the development of business applications perfectly suited to their needs. Because it enables smart mobile tools to be designed without having to write a single line of code, the Power Apps API can be used by anyone, not just developers. This is good news, since IT teams in SMBs rarely have it.

The study Total Economic Impact of Forrester Consulting points out that companies using Power Apps as part of their digital transformation improve employee productivity by an average of 3.2 hours per week, while reducing the cost of developing business applications by 74%. The return on investment over three years is 188% on average. These figures could not be more telling, especially if we add to that the projection made by IDC FutureScape: 500 million new applications will be built in the next 5 years, more than all the applications developed during the last four decades. What motivates a little more SMEs to be part of this march towards constant agility and innovation.

Microsoft Power Apps

An intuitive interface

Power Apps is presented in the form of a very visual interface, which is not unlike that of Office 365. Once the theoretical needs of the employee or team are in sight, the solution offers many tools to answer to. Predefined models are available and it is very easy to adapt their functionalities thanks to numerous modules, adjustable via a simple drag and drop system. In this way, the application takes shape not through lines of code, but through blocks to be integrated to optimize its use. Salespeople, salespeople, financiers, field workers, marketing teams, human resources managers … there are many professions that can effectively harness the potential of Power Apps. And to help employees become true creators of business applications, the site MyPmeNumeric offers completely free online training on the use of Power Apps.

Microsoft’s solution gives SMB teams the ability to create relevant and efficient business applications designed by them, while ensuring the security and governance necessary for IT teams. The apps thus obtained can be linked to company databases via more than 400 ready-to-use connectors, as well as customizable connectors, which makes it possible to centralize very simply and very quickly the data collected, to make backups, cross-check information and many other possibilities. Enough to bring a good dose of agility into the company’s activities, while relying on interconnectivity that has more than ever its place in the digital transition of SMEs.

Microsoft Power Apps

Easy development, and more if affinity

Another advantage of the Power Apps solution: with it, nothing is set in stone. The activities of an SME can change very quickly, as can the needs and missions of its employees. In this logic, Microsoft’s solution makes it possible to modify the applications created at any time, to add new functionalities to them, remove uses that have become obsolete, or even connect the whole to a new database. Enough to stay constantly up to date, for always optimal efficiency and secure in passing.

And if you feel like your business applications could go even further, Power Apps gives you the option of leaving the hand to a professional developer who can then extend the functionality with over 400 connectors, or design your own connector for use your own solutions. A development carried out in full transparency according to your needs, and based on the applications designed by the company’s employees. This therefore leaves the SME the possibility of further optimizing business apps if the need arises, while fully mastering the need to involve a developer in the process.

Power Apps, the solution for your business applications

Quick entry of expense reports, production of meeting reports, validation of days off … to sum up, with Microsoft Power Apps, SMEs benefit from a reliable and secure solution, accessible to all their employees, and economically very attractive, thanks to prices that adapt to the company’s strategy. Do not hesitate to take advantage of trial offer offered by Microsoft to discover all aspects of Power Apps for free.

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