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SMEs, stay tuned to your customers with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Staying close and attentive to customers, even from a distance, is a major issue in this period of crisis. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, a solution designed to meet the needs of SMBs, meets the challenge.

Establishing a relationship of trust with their customers is an essential issue for VSEs and SMEs. More than ever, companies need to be able to support and resolve requests seamlessly and seamlessly – all remotely. They must keep a permanent link with the people who use their services. But setting up personalized processes can seem like a complex and heavy logistics process. It is to respond to this problem that Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 Customer Service, a solution interconnected with other Dynamics 365 solutions that adapts to the needs of companies in all sectors.

Unconstrained customer experience

With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Microsoft offers a dematerialized platform designed to maximize the customer experience, end-to-end: support begins with assistance provided by a virtual agent, bot type, which determines the customer’s needs. When possible, the customer is directed to a space where they can solve their problem independently, which saves time, but also customer satisfaction, without human intervention. When necessary, the customer is redirected to a customer service advisor who will be able to optimize the support. A completely transparent process: the data collected is analyzed and solutions identified to respond as precisely and quickly as possible to the request. The customer service manager is in charge of all the procedures to participate in problem solving, but also to always optimize customer support.

The Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution is fully customizable, and adapts with great precision to the needs of the business. VSEs / SMEs can also turn to the version Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional, a simplified version specially designed for them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

A virtuous circle at the service of customers

The Dynamics 365 Customer Service approach is based on three pillars. The first is the personalization of the service, which optimizes the solutions offered to the customer to enable them to solve their problems themselves through virtual agents. This step is crucial because it is the one that welcomes the customer: rigorously calibrated virtual assistance, useful for identifying difficulties and even anticipating them. Fast and optimized support that helps build customer trust and retain them over the long term.

The second pillar aims to empower people. Through an intuitive experience, the customer himself details his problem, which is useful for the virtual agent to concretely target his needs and thus orient him dynamically towards the rest of the journey for a fast and precise resolution of the problem. meet.

Finally, the third pillar of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Quite simply, it is about unifying technologies in the name of a dynamic, responsive and scalable customer experience based on customer needs and beyond. To do this, the company’s customer service takes advantage of the data associated with the interventions: it can thus analyze them and learn from them to continually improve support, and thus obtain ever better results.

From the initial support of the customer to the analysis of the resolution of his requests, through the orientation to the right interlocutor, Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies to serve a customer experience unified from end to end. A virtuous circle which has enough to satisfy customers as well as employees at all levels.

Dynamics 365, a complete and modular solution

As mentioned above, Dynamics 365 Customer Service can be interconnected with other applications in the Dynamics 365 business suite, to an ever more complete and responsive experience. Checking the stock of a product for a customer, quickly contacting another department, automatically launching an operational procedure‚Ķ these are just a few of the possibilities offered by Microsoft’s online solution. The digital transformation of a company is an essential approach today and with Microsoft Dynamics 365, VSEs / SMEs can be sure of benefiting from applications adapted to their needs, secure, modular, and at the cutting edge of current technologies. .

Discover Dynamics 365 Customer Service now

Microsoft is giving SMEs the opportunity to use Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional now, by benefiting from the first four months of subscription offered for one year of minimum commitment, until June 30, 2021. Do not hesitate to contact your partner or find a partner to accompany you without delay.

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